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The SAGE Study Tour Program for industry executives is a world leading study tour program in the seniors living industry, offering unique study tours to Aged Care and Retirement living providers across the globe. With over 45 highly regarded and reported-on programs across five continents since 2006, SAGE Study Tours provides delegates with global perspectives and insights from industry advancing the field of eldercare and bringing together International colleagues.

Our proposition to you

Why is a SAGE Program a good investment for you and your organisation? Why should you as a senior executive think about this study tour opportunity for yourself or other senior staff? The answer is simple: Because it’s been demonstrated over again by delegates who have attended it is worth every cent and more! 98% of over 450 delegates have rated the SAGE study tour program as excellent value for money

"SAGE is amazing value for money. Following the tour I realised the value for money – in fact it was economical noting the learnings we can implement."

"Absolutely worth every cent and will send more of my executive team in future based on value I, as CEO, received from attending."

Learning experiences

Delegates are exposed first-hand to high quality organisations with recognised contemporary management practices. Delegates learn about successful alternative service delivery models and operations and are led by a study leader with years of industry experience who facilitates knowledge and cultural exchange and make the tour experience 'hassle free'.

"Love the smaller group. Overall EXCELLENT industry initiative conducted at the highest professional level while still maintaining a sense of fun and collegial relationship - better than attendance at a conference for CEO/Board level where the opportunity to wind down then fully focus on the learning's while travelling and discussing with colleagues doing the same. Congrats to Judy and SAGE"

Professional Development

Senior executives receive a broadened professional knowledge base to lead their organisations, and strengthen relationships, personal and professional networks across the entire industry. Seniors living and care professionals participate in excellent forums for fostering and exchanging learning and cultural opportunities.

"My objective was to extend knowledge of aged care internationally and learn from the experiences of meeting and visiting facilities. Also, to spend time with other executive staff from Australia for networking and learnings. I got it all – and more. Congratulations SAGE – this is a wonderful industry association initiative."


To provide participants with opportunity to gain valuable insights into key organisations involved in the provision of seniors living and care across the Globe by:

  • Visiting clinical and educational sites
  • Fostering and Exchanging learning opportunities across different cultures
  • Facilitating cultural exchange at an industry and personal level
  • Meeting with well respected professionals working in the sector
  • Developing an understanding of the roles of government, non-government organisations (NGOs) and the private sector in the provision of aged care services in other countries
  • Gaining an understanding of alternative forms of service delivery in operations, design, clinical delivery, community education, resource development and research

Networking & support

Valuable connections are made with key contacts in the international seniors living and aged care fields. Throughout the tours delegates meet with highly respected professionals, visit cutting edge educational service providers and learn about alternative service delivery models. Delegates network with each other and brainstorm opportunities.

"I think it was a great trip and I can identify many benefits. My main reason for coming was to gain ideas and see in action how things could be done differently and have come back with many ideas and as an extra bonus I have made some great professional contacts with new people which will I am sure continue. Thanks for all the work that went into the tour I would certainly recommend it to others and also consider doing it again.”

Led by an industry expert

  • Judy Martin
Judy is a highly experienced professional in the field of connecting communities to businesses, with a particular focus on seniors living. She has successfully opened numerous national and international seniors living markets in Australia. Judy is widely recognised and respected in the international seniors living industry, holding positions such as a Board Director and past Chair of the Global Ageing Network (GAN) and founding Board Director of the Commonwealth Association of Ageing.

One of Judy's notable achievements is her role in initiating and managing the SAGE Study Tour Programme for the past 18 years. This programme has allowed her to travel to over fifteen countries, studying the global seniors living sector. Judy's dedication to the programme is commendable, and she is highly regarded as an industry leader for her contributions.

In addition to her extensive experience in seniors living, Judy began her career as a Registered Nurse and has worked in various capacities in rural, state, national, and international settings. She has held roles in local and state government, as well as in both the private and non-profit sectors. Judy has also spent significant time working in remote areas of Australia's Northern Territory and Far North Queensland, gaining valuable experience in delivering health and aged care services to Indigenous Australians.

Throughout her career, Judy has held positions such as National Corporate Relations Manager for a peak industry association, Director of Nursing for a large care provider, manager of a multimillion-pound Government telehealth project in Canberra, and National Aged Care Training Manager. Her diverse professional background and deep understanding of the industry contribute to her expertise in leading the International SAGE program.

Overall, Judy's extensive experience, leadership roles, and dedication to connecting communities and businesses make her a highly respected and influential figure in the seniors living industry.

"Judy was an amazing consummate professional whom not only has an in-depth knowledge of our industry in Australia but globally very astute, a pleasure to travel with."

"Really cannot fault the tour. Judy’s attention to detail ensured that we had an enjoyable and professionally worthwhile focus and we presented ourselves as a credible and knowledgeable delegation."

"Judy has an attention to detail with a sophisticated understanding of people's travel requirements in foreign lands and how concerns or needs can be addressed. This comes from her experience, and she pays attention to how people are feeling and managing not just what they are doing. This sets Judy apart from other tour leaders."

"Judy always made it fun, enjoyable, and was a great ambassador for Australia and the aged care industry. I initially thought she had the dream job, but could see how much organisation and work went into making sure the delegates experience was seamless, that the experience was just as good for our hosts, paving the way for future tours."
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